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Strategic Partners
for Leadership and
Equity-minded Change 

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Integrated Strategy

Integrated Strategy is an education consulting firm that helps to create, plan, and implement equity-minded organizational change that enhances the student experience, increases effectiveness, and supports leaders.

​Consultants serve as strategic partners across a broad range of areas, including student and academic affairs, student-facing services, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.





We serve social, nonprofit, and private sector organizations, including colleges and universities, independent schools, centers, institutes, and businesses. 

We partner with teams and engage individuals across the organizational structure to understand your context and advance your vision. 

We support the executive development of presidents and chief executives, vice presidents, deans, and directors. 


Strategic Partners

Leaders transform institutions. 
We serve as thought partners that help institutions explore, develop, and implement strategies that drive transformational change. 


We provide pertinent campus leadership experience, broadly informed and diverse perspectives, and dedicated time and attention to strategic priorities, opportunities, and organizational success. 

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Executive Development

We are dedicated to the conscious development of effective leadership. 

We advise, coach, and support leaders and teams to enhance leadership effectiveness and promote executive development, utilizing such tools as the Leadership Circle Profile™ and Collective Leadership Assessment™.

We help leaders in transition plan their executive search processes and help develop and refine customized materials that support their success. 

Our approach is culturally responsive, race-conscious, and equity-minded. 

Equity Strategy

Strategy and Equity are at the core of everything we do.  

We work with cabinets, leadership teams, and committees to apply an equity lens to institutional planning efforts and help assess institutional capacity to support this important work.


We advise and support leaders in developing integrated planning efforts and position equity as an organizational asset.

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Student Affairs & Student Experience

We support and enhance the design, delivery, and organization of student affairs and student-facing services.


The firm conducts reviews of divisions and departments, including the organizational structure, functions, and effectiveness of student-facing services, and works to establish and organize planning efforts that enhance the student experience in alignment with institutional priorities.


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